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In 1975 Pat Heinen, RN and Jane Holleman, PT, along with the support of Dr. Michael Kaufman founded Mountain Home Health Care, Inc. as a 501c(3) non-profit corporation. The Agency was certified as a Medicare provider in July of 1975. The Agency was the 10th federally certified home health care program in New Mexico. Today, there over 60 Agencies in New Mexico. Cathy Boyle, RN was hired six months later and there were two people hired part time to do administrative tasks.

This was the beginning of 36 years of uninterrupted continuous home healthcare in Taos County, built on a foundation of deep relationships with the local doctors, the hospital and the assisted living facilities whose clients and patients we care for.

In 1995, Dr. Larry Schreiber joined us as the Hospice Medical Director. Soon after that, Mountain Home was licensed and certified as a Hospice provider. We are still the only agency to provide terminal care to those wishing to die at home in the greater part of Taos County.

In 2000 Mountain Home became one of the first licensed provider of the Personal Care Options Program, providing case management and homemaker services to the residents of Taos County.

Mountain Home is governed by a nine (9) member voluntary Board of Directors including Dr. Kaufman. With the Board’s guidance, we have developed one of the most comprehensive suites of home care services in all of New Mexico.

Pat and Cathy continue to see clients and patients every day, along with 5 other RN’s; 2 Physical Therapists; 2 Physical Therapy Assistants; 2 Home Health/Hospice Aides; a Hospice Social Worker, Chaplain, Massage Therapist, numerous Hospice Volunteers; and 125 Personal Care Assistants - supported by 13 office staff.

From the beginning, Mountain Home Health Care has grown by anticipating the needs of the community that we serve. As we look ahead, the residents of Taos County can depend on Mountain Home Health Care to continue to provide the innovative, quality home care that they and their loved ones need today and will need in the future. • 575.758.4786
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